Bitter Boots

 December is always a time of reflection for me. Once Hell Week is over and exams are done, I get to home home, relax, and think about what the year has taught me. This past December went a little beyond reflection for me though, as I found the resolve I needed to start my quest for a stronger relationship with God.

As it stands, I feel that college has helped me learn myself pretty well and I know that one of my biggest personal challenges is managing my frustration when it’s combined with long-term stress and aggravation from outside sources. I’m not perfect and I know the best thing  I can do (for myself and others) is learn to manage the way I handle situations that trigger angry responses…Which brings us to my journey with God.

Walking with Him has made me more aware of not only my daily actions but my thoughts as well and that’s half the battle. Ever heard the phrase “Change your mindset, change your life”? Acting takes thought and consideration. If your mind isn’t quite in the right place to act on frustrating situations…well you guessed it…you’re not going to handle them in the best way possible. The scripture I posted in the picture above is one of the most helpful I’ve come across since I started my year-long Bible plan. I’d read it one day and- I kid you not- two days later it was the first thing that came to mind when one of my roommates thought it best to get snippy with me unnecessarily, after weeks of nit-picking. Taking the time to strengthen my bond with God allowed me to keep my head leveled when I could have very well (and justifiably) gone off the deep end. Hearing this scripture repeated in my mind kept me from giving foothold to the Devil.

I’m sure that if you’re human, there have been times when you’ve had trouble deciding whether or not you should turn the other cheek or go to the other extreme. Be it the aggravating kid that kicked you in the leg at the grocery store and his negligent parents, the irritating co-worker that likes to work your nerves more than their actual job, or the roommate that loves to pick fights with you…you’ve had the test and either passed or failed.  It takes time and patience to change your mindset enough to start passing more than you fail, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you that through Christ, all things are possible.

If you find yourself in need of a mindset make-over, my recommendation is that you try talking to God about your situation, praying for answers, and putting the Bible app to use. Sometimes it takes more than advice from friends and parents to create the shift in your attitude that you’re looking for. It takes some soul searching and a commitment to yourself and God that you’ll start handling the people and situations in your life with more care. But fret not! It’s possible. Create a plan to reach your goal and take it day by day. Believe me when I say the trials will come… But You Can Do it!


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