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I deiced to try something new and see what outfits I could create from one centralized piece. I let these adorable pink shorts guide me in two similar but still different directions. I love blazers, short, crops, and heels all in one outfit when done correctly and here I feel that I’ve stumbled upon two gorgeous spin-offs. Both of these outfits have great versatility and can be worn as day or night, date or club, and fashionably casual. I’m a gal that likes to throw on a pair of heels just because and these two sets make for dolling up your heels fabulously without the dress or skirt!

Left Outfit: Floral Print Blazer: $44, Velvet Fatima Hand Choker: $14 Kendall Jenner Inspired Crop: $6.21, Large Yellow Wristlet: $25, Rose Stud Earrings: $13, Yellow Double Sided Studs: $9.99, Gold Tone Snake Bangle Watch: $7.99, Black Ankle Strap Sandals: $44, Pink High Waist Ruffle Shorts: $16

Right Outfit: Women’s Boyfriend Blazer: $23, Whitby Flower Necklace: $32, Daffy Duck Striped T-shirt: $25, George J. Love Earrings: $24, Betsey Johnson Lip Earrings: $22, Rose Print Clutch: $24,  Black and Red Leather Strap Watch: $40, At Fist Sight Chunky Heels: $24, Pink High Waist Ruffle Shorts: $16


I think this would be a cute look for a summer night out that has a chic edge, but isn’t too extreme. That hat definitely adds some fabulous celeb glamour, but the outfit would still rock without it for a night time look. I’d use this look for a roof-top restaurant date or a Girl’s Night out on the town.

Blackfive Striped Loose Knit Crop: $31, Asymmetric Inclined Zipper PU Skirt: $30, Black Single Strap Chunky Lug Platform Heels: $41, Anne Klein Shimmer Down Zip Around Clutch:  $24, Gold Hinged Snake Necklace: $24, Black Large Brimmed Garden Hat: $8.60



Summer Time Fine

A little vampy take on spring fashion (although I named it “Summer Time Fine” lol). This is totally something I would wear on one of me and my roommates Sunday shopping/dinner trips. And, this chunky heel is giving me L.I.F.E.! I’m going have to add them to my arsenal ;p

Hat: $37, Blouse: $17, Jeans: $12, Bag: $45 $88, Heels: $45, Watch: $35, Ring: $25, Earrings: $4  $9, Choker: $7.44


Don’t Pink It Away!

This totally gives me AKA, but I simply loved the pieces! I argue that there’s at least one article of clothing even the most  tomboy-ish young woman can love in Powder Pink. I think my favorite part of the whole board though would have to be the winky-clutch! It’s adorable!

Blouse: $28, Skirt: $39 $46, Pumps: $39 $150, Clutch: $298, Necklace: $18, Bangle: $110, Earrings: $340, Headband: $50, Sunglasses: $54, Essie (Just Stitched): $8.50


Spring In Your Step

I think this would definitely be something cute and, most importantly, presentable to wear to class. Of course I can see an afternoon date or a girl’s day out in this outfit as well, but I can  also see where this would be the perfect grab and go for class. What can save you more time in the morning, getting ready for the day than the perfect Dress-and-Heels combo? Probably sweat pants…but lets not lol

Dress: $37 $74, Jacket: $39, Heels: $27, Bag: $25, Bracelets: $6 $17, Flower Crown: $6.50, Lipstick (Vampire Red Lethal): $16,


Dark Angel

I don’t usually go for red, but I feel like I’d like the chance to slay in this outfit! The Louboutin’s are killer and I found another cute bag with a face. Now, this a rather expensive outfit for a college student, but I’d say we’re pretty good at finding  inexpensive dupes.  Anywho, this outfit would be good for a hot night out with Le Beau at a new open air restaurant (although after putting this on, he might not want you to leave the house). You could even wear this to any type of fashion event and make a statement off of the run-way. Here’s your damage for this exact outfit:

Alice+Olivia Top: $178, Sasha Floral-hem Pencil Skirt: $228,  Pre-Owned Christian Louboutin’s Size 40: $900, Betsy Johnson Kitchi Diva Crossbody: $88, Black Floral Bib (Necklace): $200, Anne Klein AK-1471BLKST: $150, Pre-Owned Kenneth Jay Lane Black Rhinestone Clip-on Earrings: $53, Guerlain Kisskiss Holiday Look Trio (Makeup set): $58, Mayfair 3D 100% Mink Lashes by Rimini Collection: $37,

Spring Fling

Spring Fling

I’d love to get my hands on this top! I’m a huge fan  of lace and embroidery. The earrings are extremely cute too, as i have a thing for seashells. This would be another cool (literally) outfit to wear for a girl’s day out shopping trip, a last minute lunch date, or a walk around downtown with a group. I’re really feeling the cuffed hem of the shorts because I hate seeing a girl’s bottom cheeks out in public! Huge Pet Peeve! I decided to dress this one up with a medium pink lip and a little less than neutral eye for some color-pop, although I can’t find the name for this exact shade of MAC.

Apricot Lace Tank top: $19, Vintage 90s Blue Acid Wash High Waist Rise Cut Offs: $39, Florence-38 Wedge: $31, Jane Stone Pink Beaded Cluster Fashion Statement Necklace: $15, 18K Gold Shell Earrings: $99, Juicy Couture Heart Charm Toggle Bracelet: $18,


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